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Maxivideo MV201

This premier Autel MaxiVideo digital videoscope is an ideal tool for examining difficult-to-reach areas normally hidden from sight. It features the ability to record digital still images and MPEG2 or MPEG1 video either on its internal flash memory or on the removable SD cards. The ergonomic tool not only features a 3.5" full color LCD screen, auto focus and viewing capacity as close as 1" with crystal clear output, but also offers the capability to stream digital video directly to a PC. The Multipurpose Videoscope is an economical solution to inspect machinery, facilities and infrastructure in the safest, quickest and most cost-effective manner possible.

  • Records and plays back still images and video clips

    3.5" high resolution full color LCD display(320×240)

    Easy-to-use, multi-language interface

    Wide camera angle for images with 640×480 resolution

    With removable SD cards, saves images and videos to take with anywhere

    On-screen horizontal/vertical reverse

    2× digital zoom for increased viewing

    Mini USB connector for uploading images and videos to a computer

    Narrow probe diameter available in either 8.5mm(0.33") or 5.5mm(0.22") and fits most spark plug holes

    White LED to illuminate the inspection area, with illumination control

    Views objects as close as 1"

    Oil and scratch resistant tempered glass lens

    1M(39.4") semi-rigid, but flexible watertight shaft

    Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery with up to 5-6 hours of continuous use

    Ergonomic and durable tool housing

    Audio input jack for recording comments with optional ear bud & microphone attachment

    One-year limited warranty

    Can operate the tool while charging the battery

    Composite video output jack(RCA)

  • Recording medium Internal memory or SD card (SD card is optional and not included)
    Image controls Zoom, low light vision
    Lighting Fully adjustable LED
    Display resolution 320 x 240
    Cable reach 5-6 hours of continuous use
    Imager head 8.5mm (0.33") is standard; 16mm (0.63") and 5.5mm (0.22") are optional.
    Waterproof Imager head and cable to 3m (10')
    Additonal ports USB, video out and earphone ports
    Operating temp. Main unit: 32°F to 113°F (0°C to 45°C); Cable: 14°F to 176°F (-10°C to 80°C)
    Storage temp. -4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C)
    Operating humidity 5% - 95% non-condensing (display unit)
    Video output RCA
  • Imager head and cable(8.5mm is standard)
    Protective carrying case
    Video-out cable
    Magnet, hook and mirror (Optional)
    USB Cable
    User's Manual
  • Name Download
    MaxiVideo MV201 User's Manual(1.0MB)

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