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MaxiTester MX101

Blowing fuse? Plug the MaxiTester directly into fuse socket and read the circuit current in seconds, measuring from 0 to 30 Amps. Easy, time-saving yet of high accuracy! The professional fuse tester is your smart assistant!

  • Test range: 0-30 Amps (48VDC)

    Smart design: fuse-shaped ends allow for easy connection into fuse sockets

    Fuses are removed and replaced into the MaxiTester during testing, thereby ensuring circuit protection

    Displays the remaining battery capacity on LCD

    Do NOT use for over 10 seconds to avoid any damage

    Automatically switches off for power-save after being idle for 30 seconds

    One year warranty

  • Measuring Range 0-30 Amps/48 VDC—10 seconds
    Accuracy ±2% of reading
    Resolution 0.1 A (100mA)
    Battery Voltage 12V
    Weight 0.28kg(without wire) 0.484kg(with wire)
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