Autel introduces the IA900WA, delivering industry-leading accuracy for Wheel Alignment and ADAS calibrations

SHENZHEN, CHINA, April 18, 2022: Autel today released the IA900WA, the new wheel alignment and ADAS calibration frame. The IA900WA is the next evolution in ADAS calibration systems from Autel. The IA900WA is currently available worldwide.

The IA900WA is the first, truly integrated ADAS calibration and four-wheel alignment system in one affordable piece of equipment. Six high-resolution, self-calibrating cameras accompany the frame, giving technicians precise optical measurements. The frame’s cameras also track the vehicle height on lift, ensuring the cameras never lose sight of targets. The IA900WA revolutionizes calibrations by no longer needing technicians to manually measure distances and even offers floor compensation capability for uneven flooring. The IA900WA comes with a 24" touchscreen that mirrors the Ultra's screen, allowing technicians to reduce working time and increase shop efficiency with simple, easy-to-follow instructions.

"The IA900WA is the first frame that can perform wheel alignment and ADAS calibrations. Shop owners do not want to compromise between accuracy and efficiency and the IA900WA is now the first frame that can give owners control over their repairs. We are extremely excited to offer this product around the globe for our customers," says Missa Cao, Director of Global ADAS Marketing.

The IA900WA is the safest choice for vehicle repair as it follows OEM-recommended repair practices. Missa continues: "with one hardware purchase, technicians have access to higher profitability opportunities," and notes that equipment takes up 50% less space than before.

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